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Field to Spork

Schreiber Foods International is proud to introduce our Field To Spork grain bowls. With your fast-paced lifestyle in mind, these healthy and delicious bowls will keep you satisfied and fueled to take on the day. A perfect addition for customers supplying to colleges and universities. What sets Field To Spork apart is that it's ready to eat or you can heat it in a microwave. There’s no excuse to skip breakfast or to have an unsatisfying lunch. Our latest Field to Spork grain bowl is a perfect option for a protein-packed meal for your customer’s lifestyle on the go. Elevate your campus dining menus with healthy options.

Enjoy a blend of Chick Peas, Lentils, Spinach & Brown Rice with a Blend of Spices. Field to Spork grain bows are made without any preservatives, gluten free, vegan and a spork included.

One of our sales reps would be glad to chat with you about samples or purchasing options at or call 1-800-631-7070

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A Taste of Ambrosia

Olives in a Pack come in 3 mouth-watering distinct flavors! More store owners are turning to grab and go products. Try our variety of flavors like Country Mix, Marinated with Fennel & Coriander and Marinated with Thyme and Parsley. A unique snacking experience!

Be sure to inquire about our other grab and go themed items like our and Olives in a Pack.

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New Product Alert: Sea Salt

Our Mediterranean Sea Salt, Coarse is made as the sun evaporates sea water. The larger salt crystals add a crunch along with a burst of flavor to any food. It's serves well as finishing salt on vegetables, roasted potatoes, fruit and chocolate desserts. Known as one of the fastest growing types of salt in its category today. Add a gourmet flair to your recipes. Perfect for adding a finishing touch to appetizers, meals, side dishes, and desserts. Imported from Italy. 

It comes in both Fine and Coarse textures. Another benefit of this product is it's easy to carry in a sleek bottle and can be handled with one hand for ease in the kitchen.

It's imported from Italy and is loaded with health benefits!

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