At Schreiber Foods International, Inc. family is as important as business, and “giving back” is a big part of who we are.


As an importer of food products, we realize we have a unique ability to provide support to those who need it most: the less fortunate in our local communities. From food banks and shelters, to after-school programs and places of worship, we’re proud to help knit the fabric of community that makes the places we live in and the area where we work a better place to be.

SFI was able to make financial and food donations to support our local communities, both near and far. This initiative took place in both our New Jersey and California offices.

We’re proud of our work at Schreiber Foods International, Inc., and proud of our commitments to help those who don’t always have the means to help themselves. A strong community is about more than just good intentions, and our staff is ready to stand up and do our part to ensure that affordable, safe, sustainable, reliable food products reach those who need them.

Schreiber Foods International, Inc.  looks forward to more charitable giving in 2019!

 Charitable Contributions in 2019:

Soup Kitchen

Family Promise Bergen County

Camp Lot of Fun

 Ongoing Partnerships: