Food Safety

Providing the American public with a safe food supply is perhaps one of the foremost topics in our industry today.  At SFI, our mission is to buy safe, quality food products from factories around the world.  There are in fact many modern, reliable canners and food producers around the world.  We continually monitor our supplier’s products and facilities through physical plant inspection, receipt and maintenance of proper plant audit documentation, and independent finished product testing courtesy of an FDA certified laboratory.  At SFI, quality, and safety are never compromised, as tempting as that might be in a price competitive marketplace.


SFI also prides itself on being early adopters of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), a law enacted to create more responsibility among suppliers of domestic and imported food products.  Although the legislation is being gradually refined and implemented by the government over time, certain provisions have already been implemented at our Company.  SFI will continue to evaluate every step in our supply chain to ensure accountability, traceability, and compliance with all existing and proposed legislation.