Grab and Go Offerings

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of ready to eat products for our customers. Imagine a product loaded with health benefits, ready-to-eat and a spork included? Look no further! Our Field to Spork bowls are just right for your menu and customers. Save time but don't sacrifice quality. Fast, fresh and comforting.

Field to Spork™

AMBROSIA® Field to Spork grain bowls are delicious and high in protein for your lifestyle.  Our grain bowls are made without any preservatives, gluten free, vegan and a spork included. Ready to eat or can be heated in the microwave. Ideal for Nursing Homes, Schools, Emergency Services and more!

Olives in a Pack

AMBROSIA® Snack Pack The alternative pick-me-up snack. Selected olives, naturally ripened, without preservatives, in a small practical pack, easy to carry around. A delicious nibble any time of the day, it can also perk up salads and enhance your recipes.

 Fruit Cups

AMBROSIA® Fruit Cups come in a delicious blend of fruits. They are a healthy snack that come in an assortment of flavors. A refreshing taste of fruits anywhere and at any time. It’s convenient and perfect for childcare and healthcare customers. One fruit cup meets a ½ cup of fruit serving requirement.



Retail Size Fruit

AMBROSIA® Retail Size Fruit comes in a convenient sized can!


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